5 ON 2 WHEELS – a fieldwork report

5 ON 2 WHEELS | Teo Costantinescu Self Produced | 2015



WALKSCAPES FOR CAMPOSAMPIERO | A Nomadic Observatory for an Inclusive Design EUROPEAN MASTER IN URBANISM | IUAV Venice, KU Levune, PARSONS The New School for Design NYC A territory is traced by multiple typologies of activity on multiple scales and levels. Recognizing the importance and relevance of the informal traces as a strategic resource, leads to a… Continue reading WALKSCAPES FOR CAMPOSAMPIERO


MADE IN TAIHU | Branding and Development Taihu Urban Design Studio | K.U.Leuven MADE IN TAIHU project proposes a new approach for strategic development in Taihu. It keeps as its main goal to become a quality brand of food and renewable energy to compete with other players in the Beijing region. Three strategies are strictly combined to achieve availability, self-sufficiency and quality in terms… Continue reading MADE IN TAIHU


  MOVIBEILITY | An Interpretative Map for Taihu Taihu Urban Design Studio | K.U.Leuven Preparing an interpretative map about the outskirt of Beijing, need a critic eye through the landscape. The task wasto catch the perception of the vibrant flows of mobility along the roads of Taihu. A single infrastructure hosts, through its hypertrophic and indifferentiated space, a ever-growing population of… Continue reading INTERPRETATIVE MAP_TAIHU


WALKSCAPES FOR SECAUCUS | Nomadic Observatory for an Inclusive Design City in Environment | Parsons the New School of Design, NY The impression is transdisciplinar communicativity in urban practise needs a deeper understanding. The Walkscapes for Secaucus blog, although starts a specific design proposal for a specific geographical place, is rather a research on communicability and… Continue reading WALKSCAPES FOR SECAUCUS